Course Catalog: Level I Train-the-Trainer

Terrorism Response Tactics:
Active Shooter Level I Train-the-Trainer

This course will train a select group of 25 law enforcement officers who are experienced in police training, firearms training, and/or tactical methods and is taught by four senior instructors from the ALERRT training team and includes the following:

  • The first two days have the participants complete the basic active shooter 16 hour course.
  • The third day is devoted to teaching methods and instructor training.
  • The fourth and fifth days are focused on teach-backs, remediation and evaluation of the participants.

Student Packing List for Train the Trainer Class:

  • Participants may bring the following items:
    • Duty belt
    • Soft body armor (if available)
    • Flashlight
    • Long-sleeved shirt
    • Groin protection
    • Writing Instrument
    • Drinking water
    • Bring snacks or lunches. Most breaks and lunches will be short.
    • It is recommended participants have access to a computer (laptop or otherwise) with USB capabilities during the course.
  • NOTE: The following equipment is prohibited and should NOT be transported to the training site:
    • Weapons of any kind
    • Defense aerosols
    • Ammunition/magazines
    • Batons
    • Diversionary devices (flashbangs, etc.)

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