Hosting Requirements

Hosting Information: (If your agency is interested in hosting ALERRT training in your community)

We receive a limited amount of funding from state and federal sources each year to deliver training to law enforcement  personnel around the nation. Additionally, some states and regions access funding through their own sources to access this vital training.

Hosting requirements vary from course to course, but to host the BASIC Level I ALERRT class, your accredited law enforcement agency or military must provide an approved facility for the training – an unoccupied office building or school building with wide hallways and multiple rooms off the hallways (for the scenario based training). The facility must be unoccupied during the training. Before scheduling the course, your training location/facility must be approved by ALERRT.  Registration for the class will begin upon facility approval.

The size of the classes vary between 18 and 30 students depending on the course to be delivered.*  In most cases, the host agency handles the responsibility of filling the classes with law enforcement personnel from area agencies.

The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center (ALERRT) will provide four certified instructors and all materials and equipment for the class. We will certify all classes and, in Texas, we will post hours to TCLEOSE.

If your law enforcement agency is interested in hosting a class, please contact Emily Smith, Scheduling Coordinator, to be added to the funded classes request list, and/or to discuss costs for funding the classes through your resources.

(Private sector training is available for approved corporations and agencies. Please contact Emily Smith for information and quotes)

Individual training requests: If you are seeking individual training, please send an email to Erin Etheridge, Accreditation Coordinator, and include your full name, agency, phone and email address, as well as the course(s) you would be interested in taking. While space is limited and the demand is high, most of the ALERRT classes held at our Training Facility in San Marcos, Texas are open, and we do accept individual participants from across the nation. These classes are generally paid for through federal or state funding, and the participants are only responsible for their meals, lodging and transportation.

Course Thumbnail Information:  (Please go to our course catalog for details about each class)

Active Shooter Level I - 16 hour/ 2 day class -  25-30 students

Active Shooter Level II (Medical)- 16 hour/ 2 day class -  30 students max 

Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events (ERASE ) - 24 hour/ 3 day class - 24 students

Plain Clothes Response to Violent Encounters - 8 hour/ 1 day course - 18 students

First Responder Breaching - 16 hour/ 2 day class - 24 students

First Responder Low Light - 16 hour/ 2 day class - 18 students

Train the Trainer (Level I) - 40 hour/ 5 day class - 24 student 

Train the Trainer (Level II) - 40 hour/ 5 day class - 24 student

Train the Trainer (ERASE) - 40 hour/ 5 day class - 24 student

Train the Trainer Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)  - 4 hour block (75-100 students per class, one class per day)

Train the Trainer (Breaching) - 40 hour/ 5 day class - 24 student

Train the Trainer (Low Light) - 24 hour/ 3 day class - 18 student