Active Threat Integrated Response Course

Active Threat Integrated Response Course (ATIRC)

ALERRT’s Active Threat Integrated Response Class (ATIRC) has been replaced with an updated class called Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR). This new class is a two-day (16 hour) format that combines a tactical overview of the “Stop the Killing” phase; TECC-based medical interventions and rapid casualty evacuation methods for the “Stop the Dying” phase; as well as methods to establish and grow incident command/unified command as time and resources allow. The course culminates with training scenarios that integrate Police, Fire/EMS and Emergency Communications Officers (Dispatchers) in the response.

In addition, the new AAIR class is available in a Train-the-Trainer format. The AAIR T3 is 5 days (40 hours) in length. After the Train-the-Trainer class, we are able to offer our support, assisting in teaching the first couple of basic AAIR classes along with the newly certified instructors to help them polish the delivery of the training. This has been a tremendously successful training option.

For more information on the AAIR course and ALERRT program support, please click here.