Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events on Jan 21, 2020

Class Information & Details

Course Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events
Dates Tue Jan 21 - 23 (2020)
Location Houston, TX
Hosting Agency
Houston PD (TX)
Point of Contact
SGT. Spencer Duvall PH# 281-905-2097 email Spencer.Duvall@HoustonPolice.Org
Funding TX (State Appropriation FY20)

Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events (ERASE)

Time: (24 hours/3 days)
Class Size: 36
Prerequisite: Sworn law enforcement officer
Recommended Equipment: Good attitude, open mind, pen and paper, duty gear, clothing conducive for crawling around on the ground, water and or hydration system, body armor, long gun (if issued), and inclement weather gear (majority of course is outside regardless of weather conditions)

Description: This course is designed to prepare first responders for an open-air active shooter encounter. It addresses a wide range of tactics and techniques when addressing an exterior armed aggressor. This hands on course will cover equipment selection, vehicle ambushes, medical emergencies, vehicle and dismounted officer/citizen down rescue, individual/ team movement techniques, and emergency vehicle crisis response. Some participants attending this course have found it to be physically challenging. Officers attending this course should be able to walk moderate distances, jog, kneel, crawl, and lift moderate weight. This is an outside class and is routinely conducted during inclement weather conditions.

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