Commercial Training Request Form

ALERRT has partnered with Broaddus Defense, which schedules and coordinates privately or agency funded training requests. If your agency, firm, or institution has funding to pay for the training, then the wait time for the delivery is substantially reduced and the training can be tailored to your specific needs.

ALERRT's current grant funding is only intended for State, Local, or Tribal first responder agencies only. The Broaddus Defense option is applicable to:
  • governmental agencies
  • Private Sector entities
  • Federal Law Enforcement agencies
  • State, Local or Tribal agencies with their own funding sources
  • K-12 and Higher Ed. organizations, public and private
Using the Broaddus Defense option to obtain training affects only the scheduling and coordination of your class. You will receive the exact same ALERRT class you are seeking and have come to expect. The material, delivery and instructor cadre will remain the ALERRT national standard that we consistently deliver. If your agency or interest falls into one of the categories listed above and your agency would like to fund the training, please contact Jeff Broaddus (, 512-329-8822) or Colton Wood (, 512-329-8822).

Individual training requests: If you are seeking to attend a class, please go to the Upcoming Training page under the Training tab. Click on the class you want to attend and contact the POC listed to register. If the class is being held at our range facility, you will be able to register through the website. While space is limited and the demand is high for classes at the ALERRT Range, most of them are open and we do accept individual participants from across the nation.

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