Research with Relevance: Active Shooter Response

ALERRT is involved in a wide variety of research projects regarding active shooter events and best practices in response to these events. The ALERRT research team is beginning to make all material publicly available on this website. Each section will contain a short, two sentence summary. Under the summary you may follow the buttons to additional content, such as a more indepth summary, a podcast where the data are explained, and a full text write-up when possible. The additional content will open in a new page.

Please check back for updated material.

For additional information on these projects and more, please contact Dr. Hunter Martaindale, Director of Research (

Active Shooter Events in the Workplace

The two main types of locations attacked during active shooter events are businesses and schools. The following research delves into active shooter events that have occurred at places of business. Please click on the below buttons to download a short summary or the full-text report. Furthermore, the below video presents and explains these data.

Some of the additional projects to be presented in the future are listed below.

  • The Effects of Room Entry Type on Officer and Suspect Accuracy and Speed of Fire
  • Reasonableness and Reaction Time
  • The Effect of Deliberate Practice on the Correct Identification of a Weapon in a Use of Force Situation

Please visit the ALERRT Research Website for up-to-date data on active shooter events in the United States.