Hosting Request Form

We receive a limited amount of funding from state and federal sources each year to deliver training to law enforcement personnel around the nation. If your law enforcement agency is interested in hosting a class and wants to be added to the funded classes request list, please look over the information below and review the Hosting Requirements for the class you are interested in. If you are confident they can be met, submit the request form to the right and Emily Smith, Scheduling Coordinator, will contact you when the class becomes available to host. Please contact Emily Smith if you have any further questions.

The host agency must be a state or local agency. Each class is required to be filled with law enforcement officers from multiple agencies.

The host agency will be responsible for registration. We will post the class to our website under 'Upcoming Courses', and list the POC's contact information for registration.

The host agency is responsible for the advertisement of the class. We will send you the course flyer for distribution once the class is scheduled. ALERRT will issue certificates for all classes and, in Texas, we will post hours to TCOLE.

The number of students required for this class is a must. As soon as the classes hit our website, our adjunct instructors are assigned and they typically book flights and hotel right away. We do not offer any compensation for flights lost or fees incurred with cancellations for our instructors. Due to logistics and the high demand for ALERRT training, scheduling a class with the knowledge that they might not get filled with the minimum students required is unacceptable.

If your agency wants to use their own funding sources to purchase training, contact Emily Smith for more information and quotes.

Individual training requests: If you are seeking to attend a class, please contact Erin Etheridge, Training Coordinator, and include your full name, agency, phone, and email address, as well as the course(s) you would be interested in taking. While space is limited and the demand is high, most of the ALERRT classes held at our Training Facility in San Marcos, Texas are open, and we do accept individual participants from across the nation. These classes are generally paid for through federal or state funding, therefore the participants are only responsible for their meals, lodging, and transportation.

Update: Only one request per course type. If you wish to do another course, please submit another reuqest.
If you are not sure which course type, please check the Course Catalog