Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions about navigating the website and other ALERRT topics. Check back frequently as we will be updating this page with more questions and answers. If you can't find what you are looking for, email


How do I log in?

1. Go to the login screen of

2. Select First Time Login.

3. Enter the email address that you gave during training.

4. A message will be sent to that email with a link to reset/create your password. (If you do not receive the email, check Spam/Junk mail folders. Often security settings will block the email from coming through.)

5. Follow the reset steps and you should be able to login in from there.

6. **In order to access your certificate go to  User Icon (Welcome, Name) > Student Website > Certificates > My Certificates and you can print from there.

**In order to access your training materials go to Training > Instructor Resources.  Whichever classes you are certified to instruct will appear here. Select Go to Download to populate the necessary materials.

Where is my certificate?

Once you have logged in, click on  User Icon (Welcome, Name) in the top right corner. Select Student Website from the drop-down menu and that will take you to personal record with ALERRT. This includes training history and your certificate(s). You can click on Certificates > My Certificates at the top of the page and download them as often as you need to. 

Please keep in mind it can take up to 30 business days from when we receive the paperwork in the office, for ALERRT to process a class. Once the class is processed in our system, you will receive an e-mail to the address you provided on your paperwork notifying you that your certificate is ready.

Where do I find updated instructor materials?

If you have successfully completed the Train-the-Trainer course(s), you will have access to the Instructor Resources section of the website once the class has been processed, found under the Training tab at the top of the page. Depending on which course you are certified to teach, you will find all of the downloads necessary to successfully deliver the course.

These materials are automatically updated by ALERRT when new materials are available.

How do I log into

After you’ve complete your Train-the-Trainer course, you will be able to log on the website using the email address you listed on your registration form during that class to access instructor resources and your course certificates, among other things. From there, the website draws the instructor list from the instructor accounts on the training website. Once your Certified Instructor account is created on the website, the gear website should recognize you as an instructor and allow you access to the instructor shirts. 

Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 business days for your paperwork to make it through the system so that you will be recognized on the site. A short time later the ALERRTgear site should recognize you, and you just have to click on the Instructor Gear tab and follow the short instructions for access to the shirts.

If you've already gotten the instructor account on and are still experiencing trouble in the gear site, please email for assistance logging in.

The videos are not working in the class PowerPoints.

If you have having issues playing videos from the training PowerPoints, it might be you are running an old version of PowerPoint.
Our videos within the PowerPoints are all .mp4’s. PowerPoint versions that support this format are 2013 and newer versions.
The 2010 version used to allow them, but only with a program called QuickTime which Apple stopped supporting a few years back.

Why is my ASIM certificate not showing up?

ASIM classes actually aren’t processed through ALERRT like the rest. Instead they are taken care of by Bill Godfrey at C3 Pathways. For more information on the certificate for this class, you’ll want to reach out to


How do I register for a class?

Go to the Training at the top of the page and select Upcoming Courses from the drop-down. Click on the course you are interested in taking. If the course is hosted by an agency, you will contact the Point of Contact for that course (email or phone number will be listed there) to check on availability.

If the course is hosted by ALERRT at our Training Facility in San Marcos, Texas, you will be able to register online. Please note that some courses are limited to 25-40 participants, and do fill quickly. 

How can I host an ALERRT class?

Go to the Training tab on the website menu and click on Hosting Requests for details.

When will a class be held in my area?

Under the Training tab at the top of the website, click on Upcoming Training from the drop-down menu and you can search by state. 

However, many of the courses to be delivered are not available on our list of upcoming training because the host has already filled the class.  Please contact the Regional Manager for your area for specific classes and to discuss future classes in your region.

How do I report Informal classes classes that I have taught?

Thank you for reporting your indirect classes! This is very important for us to be able to illustrate the effectiveness of the Train-the-Trainer classes to our funders. The portal for reporting your classes is now in your profile: 

  • Log into
  • Click on  User Icon (Welcome, Name) in the upper right corner > Select Student Website
  • Click on Informal Trainings at the top of the page > Report Informal Training
  • Fill in the required fields and click Save

This does not generate any certificates.

How do I request an indirect class?

Contact Zane Childress, Director of Logistics ( We can always provide manual/ paperwork support, but other equipment/ expendables support is a case by case basis.

I registered online for a (breaching, train-the-trainer, low light, etc.) class at the ALERRT facility. Does that mean that I am in the class?

If you are placed on the waiting list and there is a cancellation, you will be contacted by our ALERRT Coordinator that handles registration for our range classes, Christine Love. Being on the waiting list is akin to being an alternate. If/when someone cancels and a seat is made available, up to the last minute, she will contact people on the waiting list.

How do I get on the waiting list for a course I want to take?

Find the course you want to take on the website under the Training tab, then Upcoming Courses. If the class is held at the ALERRT Range in Maxwell, we handle the registration. ALERRT only handles the course registration for classes held at our range. When the class is full, the website automatically changes the class status from ‘apply’ to ‘waitlist’. Click on the ‘waitlist’ button and it will officially add you to the waiting list. If you have any further questions about applying for classes, or the waitlist process, out at the ALERRT Range, please contact Christine Love at

If the class you want to take is held at any other agency, you will need to contact the POC listed for that class to see if there are any spots available. They handle the course registration/waitlist for their class.

What are the requirements for me to host/be in an ALERRT class? Can I be retired PD? Can I be federal?

Our funding specifically directs us to train community law enforcement and medical personnel from the different agencies who would be working together on the scene of an active attack (local, state and federal law enforcement along with fire and EMS).

How much does it cost to attend/host an ALERRT class?

In most cases, ALERRT training is delivered at no cost to the officers or the agencies participating. Since 2002, The ALERRT Center at Texas State University has been awarded more than $50 Million in state and federal grant funding (5.2016). 

How to I get TCOLE credits for the ALERRT course I took?

As of November 1, 2017, ALERRT no longer reports TCOLE hours. Your agency is responsible for reporting all of your TCOLE training hours using the certificate generated on your online ALERRT account.

I took an online ALERRT course through but do not see an ALERRT certificate.

ALERRT receives a report from TEEX with student completion and contact information on a bi-weekly basis. It then takes a minimum of a week for ALERRT to process that list.

Once ALERRT has received and processed your information, an account will be setup for you on the ALERRT Instructor Portal (if you do not already have one). You will receive an email notification on how to access the instructor materials and ALERRT certificate once your account is ready.

What are our liabilities — will ALERRT support my officer in an officer-involved-shooting?

Over the years ALERRT has been contacted by attorneys in reference to use of force cases. Typically, they have asked for course material. In the event it should be necessary or desirable to have an expert witness on a case involving actions taken as a result of instruction provided by us, we are prepared to offer that service. Many regions/agencies have taken ALERRT courses and modified the material to fit the culture of their area when training their officers. We would only be able to speak to the material we provide and to the reasonableness of the many responses to the multitude of variables that can impact a response. If an agency/region decides to limit their officers’ choices, changes or omits any of our material or teaches something outside the realm of what is accepted practice it may limit how much assistance we can offer.

Who reports our credit hours?

ALERRT does not report training hours for classes.  We will issue a course completion certificate via email, which can then be used by your training section to report the continuing education hours for your professional license.


Who can reserve the ALERRT range? Or parts of it?

The ALERRT Range and training facility is restricted to certified law enforcement agencies. We have 40 agencies that currently utilize the facility, so it is pretty much at max capacity. Please contact Zane Childress, Director of Logistics, for more information.

Do you have ALERRT T-shirts, challenge coins, caps, etc?

ALERRT sells gear every year at our annual conference, or you can find merchandise at

Where should I stay in San Marcos when taking an ALERRT class?

San Marcos has a variety of hotels, and most offer a government rate. Some offer a special ALERRT rate. Call the hotel rather than registering online to ask for the ALERRT training rate. Click here for hotel information.

Can we borrow the equipment for a class?

That depends on timing. We can provide equipment support on a case by case basis but depends on how many direct/ FBI-Indirect deliveries are during the same time frame. Please contact Zane Childress, Director of Logistics, for more information.

Do you rent out the training equipment?

No. We are not able to rent out equipment.

Can I bring my citizen group (scout troop, neighborhood association, high school criminal justice class) to the range?

We allow local law enforcement agencies to bring their Citizens Police Academies out here. All other requests would be a case by case basis. Please contact Zane Childress, Director of Logistics, for more information.


Can we record the CRASE presentation to use for internal distribution/refresher?


I took CRASE Train-the-Trainer online but cannot access the materials.

ALERRT receives a report from TEEX with student completion and contact information on a bi-weekly basis. It then takes a minimum of a week for ALERRT to process that list.

Once ALERRT has received and processed your information, an account will be setup for you on the ALERRT Instructor Portal (if you do not already have one). You will receive an email notification on how to access the instructor materials and ALERRT certificate once your account is ready.

After taking a CRASE Train-the-Trainer, can I certify others to become trainers?

Completing the
CRASE Train-the-Trainer allows you to present the course materials to attendees
as an ALERRT Certified Trainer, but does not allow you to certify others to
become trainers.

Are there course materials/handbooks to give out during a CRASE course for citizens?

The manuals are specifically for our ALERRT students/instructors. Citizens are normally directed to our Avoid. Deny. Defend. website or we have a flier that can be used as a handout if desired.

Is there a CRASE certificate to give to students?

If certificates are wanted for completing a CRASE course, students must fill out a Student Registration Form that the instructors send to ALERRT for processing.

How can I report CRASE training to help with ALERRT's reporting?

  • Log into
  • Click on the User Icon (Welcome, Namein the upper right corner > Select Student Website
  • Click on Informal Trainings at the top of the page > Report Informal Training
  • Fill in the required fields and click Save

This method does not generate a certificate.