Active Shooter Events and Response (ASER) on Mar 28, 2017

Class Information & Details

Course Active Shooter Events and Response
Dates Tue Mar 28 - 28 (2017)
Location Sykesville, MD
Hosting Agency
Maryland State PD
Point of Contact
Lt. Trent Lebo 410-875-3930

Active Shooter Events Response (ASER)

Time: (4 hours/.5 day)
Class Size: 75-100 students per day, 1 class per day
Prerequisite: Sworn law enforcement officer
Recommended Equipment: Good attitude, open mind, pen and paper

Description: This 4-hour lecture based awareness class is for all Law Enforcement, including mid-level and upper management. The course takes a look at the current threat picture. It describes significant changes in best practices for active shooter response. The driving force concept is introduced to assist in decision making during initial response to stop the killing, Point-of-Injury medical care and evacuation to a higher level of care to stop the dying. Introduction to the integrated Rescue Task Force model, working with fire and EMS personnel within a warm zone with traditional protocols as well as ambulance exchange points. Empowering and instilling confidence in the civilians LE serves by providing response strategies on how to survive an active shooter event. Finally, the course discusses model civilian programs and awareness campaigns.

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