Active Shooter Level II on Mar 29, 2017

Class Information & Details

Course Active Shooter Level II
Dates Wed Mar 29 - 30 (2017)
Location Miami, FL
Hosting Agency
Miami PD (FL)
Point of Contact
Sgt. Santiago Cruz,, 305-603-6624

Course Description:  “The fate of the wounded rests with the one who applies the first dressing.” (Nicholas Senn, M.D., 1898).  First responders are being trained to quickly enter into harm’s way to neutralize a shooter and save the lives of innocent victims.  In many circumstances, formally trained medical personnel will not or cannot be on the scene immediately to provide casualty care.  First responders must be educated and trained in point-of-wounding casualty care techniques to save lives.  The course curriculum includes T-ECC based Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid techniques including hemorrhage control and tourniquets, bandaging, airway management, triaging, casualty collection points, and casualty evacuation methods.  The course includes “force-on-force” mass casualty scenarios where the student will not only have to neutralize the threat but also treat the wounded, establish casualty collection points, conduct hasty triage, and integrate responses with EMS/Fire personnel.

Required Equipment: Good attitude, open mind, pen and paper, duty gear, body armor, groin protection, and appropriate clothing for "force-on-force" training (i.e. long sleeve shirt, gloves, etc.).  Head, eye, and throat protection will be provided by ALERRT.

Course Length:  2 days/16 hours

Prerequisite:  ALERRT Basic Active Shooter Level I or equivalent course


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