The Indirect Delivery program is designed for ALERRT Certified Instructors who have successfully completed our 40-hour Train-the-Trainer course. Through funding provided by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the Texas Governor’s Office, ALERRT will support certified instructors who are delivering the ALERRT courses at their agencies. ALERRT will provide participant manuals, pre-tests, post-tests, registration forms, course evaluation forms, and participant certificates at no cost to the instructor or agency.

How to Apply for Indirect Delivery Course Support

Once the course has been approved, ALERRT will ship all requested supplies to the agency.
When the course has been completed, the instructor will return the course registration forms and course evaluations to ALERRT in a prepaid envelope.
Once the course paperwork has been returned, participant certificates will be generated and available for the students to download from the ALERRT website.

For more information about the Indirect Delivery program, please contact Zane Childress, Logistics Coordinator (, or call 512-245-4412).