We currently have 32 active full-time and several part-time staff members who work in the ALERRT administrative office and at our training facility. We also have more than 300 Adjunct ALERRT instructors, who are assisted by more than 150 FBI ALERRT instructors across the nation. (January, 2021)

Administrative Office: 1251 Sadler, Suite 1200, San Marcos, Texas 78666

J. Pete Blair, Ph.D., Executive Director

Stephanie Brown, Conference Coordinator

John Curnutt, Assistant Director

Larry Balding, Senior Regional Manager - West

Coby Briehn, Regional Manager - Northeast

Sam Stock, Regional Manager - Texas

Marty Adcock, Regional Manager - Midwest

Eddie Molina, Regional Manager - Southeast

Cayce Williams, E-Learning Program Manager

Devon Velchoff, E-Learning LMS Director

Thomas Mersereau, Content Coordinator

Emily Pettit, Senior Program Coordinator

Tonya Green, Program Coordinator

Meghan Smith, Program Coordinator

Christine Love, Program Coordinator

Kelly Nichols, Director of Finance

Allison Ferry, Assistant Finance Director

Sarah Drennan, Administrative Assistant

Donna Bryson, Procurement Specialist

Dwayne Sander, Director of Information Technology

Julie Cantu, IT Specialist

Mackenzie Hughes, IT Specialist

Pete Garcia, IT Specialist

Felipe Fernandez, IT Specialist

Hunter Martaindale, Ph.D., Director of Research

ALERRT Training Facility, 1285 William Pettus Road, Maxwell, Texas 78656

Zane Childress, Director of Logistics

Randy Martinez, Assistant Director of Logistics

Andrew Cost, Logistics Specialist

Kyle Stapp, Logistics Specialist

Gareth Fowler, Logistics Technician

Alex Ortiz, Logistics Technician

Jonathan Burns, Logistics Technician

Garrett Rickman, Logistics Technician

Garrett Miller, Logistics Technician

For Log In and Certificate Printing, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions.
For information about hosting a class, please contact your Regional Program Coordinator.
For Logistics - kits, equipment, training supplies, please contact Zane Childress.
For other ALERRT questions, please email